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We are offering a state-of-the-art vault system and specially tailored high level facilities and services to meet our clients’ needs. With the combination of safety, security and convenience, we are one of Malaysia’s leading private Safe Deposit Companies, that provides the ultimate secured safekeeping facility. 

With our highly sophisticated safety features, you can be rest assured that your precious belongings remain in good hands as your safe deposit box is only accessible with the presence of the custodian and our customer in which each will be given a key to unlock the individual safe deposit box. In addition to that, customers are also required to undergo a proper verification process prior to accessing the vault area, where an electronic fingerprint scan is administered, followed by visual verification of our client through photographic identification (via passport or MyKad) before one’s access is granted. 

Public Safe Sdn Bhd (Public Safe) makes a great guardian to your valuable belongings that we believe are irreplaceable such as sentimental items, important documents, or simply business documents that you cannot afford to lose.


Unlike banks, our service is specially designed for private safekeeping. We understand that you may need frequent access to your safe deposit box at a very short notice, hence we operate beyond the normal banking hours. Not only that, you may access your safe deposit box without any charges for an unlimited time upon verification of identity through both our electronic and manual means, which require no queue, waiting or fuss and most importantly in complete privacy.


Confidentiality is our first priority and you can be assured that your particulars and those of joint holders are held in utmost confidence. There is no need for you to disclose the contents of your box and viewing of your items can be conducted in complete privacy within the vault.


Our centre has been purpose built to resist fire and every form of modern criminal attack. Electronic surveillance and alarm systems are monitored by our fully trained security personnel 24 hours a day, whilst your valuables are housed within our highly secure reinforced concrete and steel vault which are temperature controlled at all times. Our Lockers / Boxes are supplied by Chubb which is an established manufacturer of Safe Deposit Boxes / Lockers.

Renting Is Easy

Renting a safe deposit box couldn’t be easier. Just make a short visit to the center to complete the minimum of formalities at any time during our long opening hours. No appointment is needed and our staffs are always ready to serve your requirements and needs with top confidentiality.


Full insurance coverage is provided as part of the package up to a limit of RM 10, 000.00 per box. Should you require additional insurance, we will be more than happy to arrange it for you at an affordable fee, to ensure maximum savings, security, convenience and peace of mind.

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